Welcome to Corbado!
At Corbado, we think the future will be passwordless and based on passkeys. We try to provide the best methods for authenticating without passwords. Highly secure and with a great customer experience.
The Corbado API is the perfect solution for implementing fully passwordless authentication, abandoning passwords step-by-step and leveraging passkeys.
Here you find all the documentation you need to get up and running with the Corbado API.

Passkeys using biometrics (e.g. Face ID, Touch ID) for authentication are the most secure and most convenient method of passwordless authentication. Passkeys leverage public-key-cryptography as underlying technology, but hide the complexity from the users. Instead, the device's built-in biometric scanners are used to authenticate a user. There is no need to remember any password or type in any code. Passkeys are supported by all major tech companies, such as Apple, Google and Microsoft.
Passkeys are based on FIDO2 / WebAuthn, which is already available today. Starting in September 2022, passkeys will be rolled out to the public by Apple. On the user-side, this roll out will allow passkeys to be synced within an iCloud account and to be shared via AirDrop. For the server-side, there will not be much difference compared to current FIDO2 / WebAuthn implementations. Google and Microsoft will start their roll out in late 2022.
Passkeys (Biometrics) flow from a user point of view

Corbado emphasizes passkey login as this is new standard login method with strong push from Apple, Google and Microsoft. Read below to explore all features of Corbado's Passkey-as-a-Service.

Not all users will immediately transition to passkeys once they are available. Also there will be services that have native and web apps in parallel. Users might have a password for the web app, but will be using passkeys for the native apps. Moreover, not every device is yet passkey-ready.
Corbado provides a solution by detecting the user's preferred login method (e.g. passwords, passkeys, email magic link) and also checking the device's capability to use passkeys. Based on this information the preferred login method is offered to the user, thus offering the greatest user experience.

Transitioning your existing user base from passwords to passkeys is a long-term task. Early adopters will demand passkey login as soon as possible, while other user might stick to password-based login. By integrating passkey login (besides existing methods) and educating users about passkeys, more and more users can be transitioned to convenient and secure passkey login.
Corbado provides features to plug into existing authentication flows, thus creating the greatest user experience for login.

Passkey login a the new login standard is backed by all major tech giants, like Apple, Google and Microsoft. Nevertheless, in case the user does not manage to login with passkeys, appropriate fallback methods need to be in place to ensure that users are not locked out and can access their accounts.
Corbado has you covered by offering (passwordless) fallbacks in case passkey login does not work properly.

Passkeys can be used across the platforms of Apple, Google and Microsoft. Switching from a computer to laptop to smartphone is also possible in theory. Practice tests have shown that especially older devices and cross-platform changes do not yet work as seamless as they should. Especially during the roll out and probably also later it is expected that some issues might occur.
To still offer a great user experience, Corbado introduces more features to offer cross-device and cross-platform compability in order to let all users enjoy the convenience and security of passkey authentication.
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Feeling like an eager beaver? Jump in to the quick start docs and get making your first request:

Discover our SDKs to see how Corbado can be easily integrated into your projects:
Dive a little deeper and start exploring our API reference to get an idea of everything that's possible with the API:
Corbado API reference

If you have any questions or feedback regarding our SDKs and API, feel free to send a message to [email protected] or join our Slack channel.
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