Passkeys tracking tool
Corbado's free passkeys tracking tool allows you to analyze the passkey-readiness of your users based on data about the device, operating system and browser.

1. Introduction

Passkeys will become mainstream starting with the roll out of iOS 16 and macOS Ventura in September 2022.
Though, not all devices will be able to use passkeys immediately, as users need to update their operating systems and other platforms (e.g. Google, Microsoft) will update their ecosystems later this year. To let you see, what portion of your users are "passkey-ready" and thus let you prepare for the passkeys era, we created a free passkeys tracking tool.
The passkeys tracking tool will give you information about the following data:
  1. 1.
    User agent (operating system, browser): lets you know which operating system and browser is used by your users
  2. 2.
    Platform authenticator: tells you if your users' devices have built-in biometric scanners
  3. 3.
    Conditional UI: tells you if the users' browsers are able to display Conditional UI, which allows to automatically fill in passkeys in login forms
Corbado's passkeys tracking tool does not store any personal data. All data is completely anonymized and stored in a German data center, thus making it fully GDPR compliant.

2. Configure Corbado

To use Corbado's free passkeys tracking tool, you’ll need to have an account in the Corbado developer panel.
Sign up a new account or log into your existing one at the developer panel.
If you sign up, a new project is automatically created. Every project in Corbado will get a unique project ID that your application will use to track the passkey-readiness of your user base.

3. Integrate the JavaScript tracking tag

Corbado will issue you with a JavaScript tag. This code must appear on every page that you want Corbado to analyze. We recommend that you paste this code immediately before your closing </body> tag (or in a general file that is included in all your pages).
<script src=""></script>
tracking.visit(window, PublicKeyCredential, <PROJECT_ID>);

4. Start tracking the passkey-readiness

Once you have pushed your code to production, Corbado starts tracking the passkey-readiness of your user base. Take a look at the charts in the developer panel to see details.
In the developer panel, you will see the analyzed data and can track over time, how many of your users will be ready to use passkeys.
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